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Goin' South

Olivia Smashum

As much as I love Harlem, I always look forward to going home to Charleston.  It’s one of America’s oldest cities and today it has emerged as a lively and vibrant center of arts and culture, food and fashion.

As I write this, the Annual Spoleto USA Festival has just kicked off in town.  For two glorious weeks the arts will be front and center here.  This city is buzzing with tourists and residents, concert-goers and performers, nature lovers and beachcombers as they shop along King Street, crowd its unbelievable restaurants., and dot its magical harbor and beaches with sailboats and paddleboards.

Later we’ll head out to our home on Seabrook Island that shares the coastline with its famous neighbor Kiawah Island.  To get there we drive the ten miles along the scenic Bohicket Road, a drive we first took on our honeymoon many years ago.

Bohicket, lined by huge, ancient oak trees and draped in canopies of Spanish Moss, offers the warmest welcome to the Low Country and its laid-back lifestyle.

We’ll spend the holiday eating crabs and shrimp on the deck and celebrating America’s Memorial Day.


Here are some of my Charleston and Low Country favorites:




BRUNCH: The Fat Hen

LUNCH: The Palmetto Caffe

DINNER: 67 Raw



SoHarlem Spring Marketplace Introduces Our Spring/Summer Collection and Four Artists You Should Get to Know

Alex Unthank

To Celebrate the long awaited arrival of spring, Smash+Scott will hold its first SoHarlem Spring Marketplace on Sunday, April 30th at our showroom in the Mink Building. 

Smash+Scott grows out of the fertile creative soil of the SoHarlem Cultural Industry Incubator. Harlem is a community that has inspired artists and entrepreneurs for generations.  It thrives on creativity and it's the place that we call home.  Our Spring Marketplace offers a first look at our Smash+Scott summer collection.  We're also excited to bring you a curated collection of one-of-a-kind jewelry and accessories from our favorite artists.  Visit our showroom and experience the magic of Harlem through Smash+Scott and these great artist/designers that represent the creativity for which Harlem is world renown.

Hannelore McDaniel

Hannelore McDaniel has won numerous awards for her one-of- a-kind beaded jewelry designs. Her work is intricate, three dimensional and colorful. She draws inspiration from the Victorian era and African art, combining these influences into unique and unusual wearable pieces.

“New York is my playground and I get inspired by the multitude of art, architecture, diversity of cultures, and the creative energy of people around me. Beads are my passion. I love the making of beads, the history of beads, looking at and feeling beads, buying beads and most of all working with beads.”

Omo Misha

Omo Misha became best known for her jewelry art, which she began creating in the early 1990s and selling to department and specialty stores throughout the U.S., including Nordstrom, Macy's and The Studio Museum in Harlem. The work gained prominence for its unique and elegant use of clay, indigenous and antique finds, semi-precious stones and sculptural wire. Now working as a curator, visual artist and writer, a glimpse of Misha's jewelry collection is a private and special occasion. This collaboration is a rare opportunity to view, enjoy and purchase from the artist's timeless coffer of bejeweled surprises and wearable art.

Maiko Suzuki

Maiko Suzuki’s original designs are hand-crafted and made in Harlem, New York. Her work is like wearing art—it is unique, limited and inspired by many cultures: Islamic Art, African sculptures, and Mexican architectures.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, at the age of thirteen, Maiko visited New York City and fell in love with the energy, the people and the possibility for an artistic life. She moved here on her own, at the age of seventeen, to pursue this passion.

Maiko’s jewelry makes a statement and her accent pieces are large and bold, fashionable and funky, intricately designed and light-weight.

Lauren Sara Justin

Lauren Sara Justin is a designer and maker of things from her home base in Brooklyn. She works with recycled and upcycled fabrics and pieces to limit excess and waste. Everything she designs from clothing to accessories is made with a personal level of love and care, with the intent of making the customer feel truly one of a kind. “I stand by my name, and the devotion I put into each design. They are meant to be with you during life’s most precious moments. I believe in fostering community and building strong relationships with those who cross my path. The mission is ever evolving and changing, I don't let limitations enter my world,” is her motto.

Don’t miss this chance to meet these fabulous artists and discover unique locally made designs. Plus get a First Look at smash+scott Spring/Summer collection.

Smash+Scott Showroom

 The Mink Building

1361 Amsterdam Avenue, Suite 340, Third Floor, New York, NY 10027


Inclusive sizing

Alex Unthank

What you wear should make you feel amazing.  Period.

At any given time my wardrobe ranges from size 6 to size 14. And when you hit size 12 or 14 or above, forget it. You’re in a totally different category as far as the fashion industry is concerned.  The styles are more conservative, the selection is very limited, and the shopping experience is not fun.

As Sandra and I did our research, we realized we were not alone in our frustration. You might be surprised to find out that 67% of American women wear a size 14 or above (Check out this article for more insights). Will designers or department stores ever get in sync with the reality that style is not a function of age or size?

We knew we didn’t have to wait around for them to figure it out. We went on a mission to design timeless, effortless clothing options, made locally, from high-quality materials. We spent over two years just on research alone. We sourced the best fabrics, collaborated with fashion industry experts and studied the best ways to highlight a woman’s body.


When it comes to smash+scott, three  things are non negotiable: each piece must be made in New York City; each piece had to be made with quality fabrics; and we had to include sizes for a broad range of women.

Size 4? Size 14? No problem! Our essential pieces are designed to fit and flatter.

Now, our sizing is not the industry standard, but it’s easy to figure out. If you typically wear a US size small, then select size 1 when you shop smash+scott. If you’re a US XXL, then pick size 5. Check out our detailed size chart to find your perfect fit.

We have enough to stress out about; finding well-made, effortless, flattering clothes shouldn’t be one of them. Our aim with smash+scott is to help women spend less time shopping for clothes, so they can spend more time on the things that really matter.

This Lookbook photo shoot was the perfect opportunity to view our customers through a different lens.  Different size models, different body types, different attitudes!  There is beauty in our differences. Send us your S+S photos (or share them with us on Facebook, or Instagram) so we can all celebrate the beauty that is you.


Olivia Smashum 

Photographer:  Christine Chambers

Models: Spencer Jones, Bianca Nolden, Dionne Robinson, and Rae Williams